Who we are

The farm is run by us, Paolo and Laura, the owners of the farm.paololaura

In 2002 we left our office work for good to dedicate our time first to the restoration, and then the management of this little part of Tuscany: a dream come true and at the same time the consolidation of our love. 

As a matter of fact in 2005 we got married here, in the small church set in the tower overlooking the farm.


In addition to the hospitality that characterizes the management of the agriturismo, we also take care of the various agricultural activities of the company and over the years we have increased our knowledge through experience, continuing education and training.

With the birth of our first child and even more with the arrival of the second one, we have relied on the help of some employees that today have become part of the family. It is also thanks to them that this place will hopefully remain impressed in your heart as it is engraved in ours.