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If you are reading this page surely you have accessed our web page: contact via email is our preferred relationship with potential guests.

At the first request for information we guarantee an answer in a maximum 24-36 hours: you will find in detail the possible availability, the services included and those which are excluded, the possibility and costs of extra services, and the final price reported for your requests.

In our web-site you won’t find the price list (except for last minute special offers) since they vary depending on the type of residence, the time you would stay, and of course, based on the number of persons, their age, period (low, medium or high season).

For the acceptance of the offer, you will receive by email (in the time indicated above) the confirmation of booking with details of the arrangements for the payment of the deposit (30% of the total amount): You can pay by
– bank transfer at Azienda Agricola La Torre di Paolo Tintori, bank of Monte dei Paschi di Siena Ag. of Fornoli (LUCCA) IBAN IT 29 F 01030 70091 000000 789274, SWIFT CODE PASCIT M MFOR
– credit card, using the form here

After the payment of the deposit your reservation is already effective: you will be contacted only if, within 15 days, we have not yet received the credit or money order placed by you.

The balance of the amount must be settled  at the end of your holiday, even by money or credit card.




After booking a holiday, the customer must declare that he/she has read, well understood, kept and accepted the general , binding conditions which are part of the present contract and that he/she accept to communicate with the manager by e-mail.

The customer is aware of the fact that:

  1. Once he has sent the booking, he /she intends to “purchase” a holiday from the chosen farmhouse
  2. The contract can  be considered concluded when the supplier ( in the specific case the farmhouse), sends his booking confirmation per e-mail.
  3. The cost of the holiday depends on the number of people, on their age, on the length of the stay itself, on the price and  on all the other terms and conditions fixed by the farmhouse.
  4. The total cost of the holiday and the corresponding deposit sum are evidenced on the booking confirmation sent per e-mail.
  5. The customer must send or wire the deposit  within ten days from the booking date , following the instructions given on the booking confirmation.
  6. Whenever  the deposit is not received, the farmhouse has the right to end up the contract and to claim for damages , should this be the case.
  7. According to the present law, the Customer has no right of withdrawal as this does not apply to the supply of services such as accommodation, catering and transportation and, most of all, when the Supplier accepts the commitment to sell these services for a certain period of time or at a fixed date  ( art 7 d.Lgs185/99)
  8. The Customer can exercise his right of withdrawal without paying any penalties only when the price of the holiday has increased, when the Supplier changes an essential, or some essential parts of the contract after the Customer has signed it, or in case the Supplier does not fulfil his obligations.
  9. In case the contract changes, ( as stated above), the customer has a period of time of four days to let the farmhouse know if he/she accepts the new conditions  or if she/he wants to exercise his right of withdrawal. When no written communication has been received, the Supplier understands that the new proposal has been accepted.
  10. Should the Customer end up the contract before the departure date, the Supplier will keep the deposit.
  11. According to art n 19 n. 2 Lgs 111/95, the Customer can complain about the purchased package tour or about any differences or not-fulfilments by means of a written letter; all the reportings must be sent within ten days from the departure date ( not later), or as soon as the Purchaser ascertains these discrepancies; in case the claims are presented  straight in the farmhouse, the Supplier himself  must find a prompt solution: in case a letter is received, it will always be the Supplier’s responsibility  to communicate with the Purchaser to solve the problem.

Finally, the Customer declares that he/ she accepts the Italian Law and will submit to it and to its Judges.