“the schoolroom”


 The restaurant is open by reservation only, for both the farm guests and the non-staying diners.

During the summer we’re open for dinner every evening, from October to May only from Friday to Sunday evening (apart from special arrangement for groups of at least 8 people), we’re always open from 8 pm.
During the spring we are usually open on Sundays for lunch, by reservation only.

Guests staying at the farm, are required to book their dinner no later than the morning as this allows us to offer a more extensive menu. You can choose a la carte menu or daily menus, composed of a first course, main course and side dish and dessert for a whole price of Euro 20,00 per person, Euro 12,00 for children.

For the non-staying diners we always suggest our typical started dish consisting of a tasting of traditional cold meats typical of the meat curing tradition of the  Garfagniana region, some mixed Tuscan crostini and other preparations made with our products. Then we give them a choice between our pasta dishes of the day, (like stuffed or plain pasta we make according to the availability of complementary ingredients) and / or main courses, which vary according to the availability of local meat and / or fish.

The prices are:

Service                                                                                                                    €   1.00
Starters                                                                                                                   € 10.00
Pasta dishes                                                                                                           € 10.00 – 12.00
Main courses with vegetables                                                                              € 10.00 – 12.00
Side dish                                                                                                                 € 4.00
Desserts                                                                                                                   € 4.00

From our small cellar, in addition to red, white and rosé house wine, you will get a selection of Tuscan wines and from Lucca, going through the Chianti region, weget to the Maremma region.

We organize lunches, dinners and buffets for events and ceremonies with personalized menus.

For the farm guests we offer a breakfast buffet (included in the bedroom rates) where, in addition to traditional local products of the continental breakfast, cakes, tarts, biscuits, honey and jams of our production, you’ll also find some local products  for a savoury breakfast.

Our menus, in respect of the locally sourced ingredients, only include dishes made with own products, or local products, or otherwise of Tuscan origin. Only a few products come from neighboring municipalities near Bagni di Lucca, in the Province of Modena (Emilia Romagna) and others whose production area includes only in part our Region.
With regard to transparency and communication in order to improve the knowledge of the Tuscan certified products and their characteristics, in the dining hall the card of the ingredients and their certified origin can be found.
The availability of these ingredients, being them grown by us or bought from local companies influence greatly our menus.
All this in compliance with the provisions of the existing “Disciplina delle attività agrituristiche in Toscana” (Rules of farm-stay in Tuscany), which requires that “the meals, food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks” should be “made with the farm products, complemented by products from local businesses, as well as with products  of Tuscan certified origin”.

Our distinctive dining hall was built in the first half of 1900 by the Clarke property on the foundations of an ancient drying kiln and then restored in 1984 by the University of Bologna which converted it into a lecturing classroom and meeting room.

It’s  characterized by large openings shaded by unique Tuscan brick works, by the chestnut wood trusses that form the ceiling, and by a large wood-burning fireplace, and scents coming from the kitchen… in this lovely room or here or outdoor you’ll enjoy the taste the flavours of our land.